How to Deal With Long-Term Pain and Stiffness

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Injuries have a way of plaguing people long after the healing process has finished. Aches and pains can bother the site of the injury for many years. Sometimes these aches and pains never go away. Minor injuries such as sprains and strains don’t often cause pain after they have healed, but some people still experience a lack of flexibility for years after the injury. Breaks will cause pain longer after they have mended. Most people still feel pain in the site of the injury years later. Thankfully, sports medicine has come a long way. There are ways to offer support to areas of the body that have been injured in the past.

At those who suffer from long-term pain and aches from injuries will find information that may help them discover how they can get the support they need to enjoy physical activities once again. With the right brace, it’s possible to move and enjoy physical activities almost as if the injury never happened.

Since there are so many ways the body can be injured, there are several different types of braces. Knee injuries are common, so there are several types of supports that will help with each type of injury. Hinged braces offer improved flexibility for those who have had surgery or have injured their knee cap. Reinforced braces can help the knee support more weight and endure the impact of running or jogging.

Arm braces can offer support for injuries to the muscle or bone. Some braces will help improve strength while others are intended to prevent certain types of movement. Metal shanks can be added or removed from some braces to offer support and prevent movements that might cause pain or further injury. If a break occurs and the wrist would be harmed by moving too far in one direction, the shank would prevent that type of motion and allow for healthy movement of the joint. Anyone who has suffered a break should consult with a sports medicine specialist and learn about what kinds of braces they could be using t help them enjoy the sports and other activities they love.

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